Criminal Defense - Marijuana and Drug Possession, Assault, Felonies

While recreational use of marijuana has lately been "legalized" in Colorado, their are still a host of regulations and criminal penalties associated with improper possession and cultivation of marijuana facing the unsuspecting.  Many people, particularly young people and visitors to Colorado, will unwittingly violate these laws as the recreational marijuana landscape continues to evolve and grow in Colorado. Anyone charged with a marijuana or other drug related crime should contact a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible to avoid or minimize the damage to their life and record from such a charge.

Richard Hathcoat is a former Assistant District Attorney who was assigned to prosecute all types of serious misdemeanor and felony cases.  He developed a very successful trial record as a lawyer in an Oklahoma District Attorney's office immediately after graduating law school and passing the bar exam. For more than 20 years after he moved to private practice, he has represented people charged with serious crimes, while maintaining his expertise on developments in the criminal law.   

Richard employs versatile defenses in criminal cases using traditional methods as well as novel tactics when necessary to meet the needs of individual clients.  He has represented people in high-profile death cases and young people charged with first offenses, continually striving to protect each of them from criminal penalties and the danger of permanently marring their public record and future.  Richard currently restricts his criminal practice to matters involving charges of alcohol or drug related driving, illegal possession of marijuana and other drugs, larceny, assault/battery, and select cases based on client need. His criminal clients count on his competence as a legal technician, his discretion in sensitive matters, and his shrewd navigation of the criminal justice system to deliver excellent results in their defense.

[1] Most recently, Richard attended a seminar titled Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: In Criminal Law, Civil Regulations, and Forensic Science, focused on the latest developments in defense of marijuana related DUI cases and licensing, regulation, and enforcement of recreational marijuana businesses.